How to Setup a Custom URL for Pages in Blogger

Custom URLs are always pushing a better impression and more credibility to the visitors about the blog and the author. By default, there is no specific option provided by the blogger to get a specific URL for your newly created pages on blogger.

But using not so known hack you can easily customize the URL of the page that will be having keywords separated by dash(-).

So here we will take you through step by step process of creating a custom URL for the pages in Blogger.

Guide to Setup a Custom URL for Pages in Blogger

Step 1: Write the custom URL you want of your page to be in a notepad or text editor and copy it in the clipboard. Let us suppose you want to create an About Us page then the keywords should be, “about us”.

Step 2: Navigate to Pages > All, and on the Right side panel the whole list of pages either published or draft will appear. At the top side of this panel their is a tab named New Page to create new pages. Click this tab to create a static page.
For a complete Guide on how to create static pages, Check Here:

Custom URL for Static Pages in Blogger - Dots Created


Step 3: Quickly paste the name of URL you copied previously in the Title box and then in the editor box before the blogger saves the changes automatically. This should be done very quickly, before the auto saving of page.

Page URL in BlogSpot - Dots Created


Step 4: Voila, you got your custom page URL. Now you can change the Title and Editor for whatever you want to put in and publish it. Once you view the page it will come up with a custom URL given by you separated with dash(-).

Page Editor in Blogger for Custom URL - Dots Created


After publishing the page, the URL take charge…

Custom Page URL in Blogger - Dots Created


Pages are important part of a blog as it constitutes the basic structure of a credible blog. Example contact us page, about us page etc. Some times pages are also used to put specials services provided other than the blog posts on the website.

So put up your creativity on work and start using the pages.

Let us know of experiences and feedback in the comment section below. Also If you are facing any kind of difficulty applying these steps or in doubt, please comment below.

We will be happy to help you.
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37 thoughts on “How to Setup a Custom URL for Pages in Blogger”

    • Hi Maul,
      You may have the page with that same URL. Please check or else try creating the page with different URL. This happens when the URL you are using is already used in another pages of your website.

  1. I thought my blogger setting mess up because I did experiment with the HTML. lol

    Thank you so much, your article really helpful, now I can make the page permalink anything that I want.

  2. How about the individual post to be be categorized into that page? I mean I want to post articles in that page — but there is always a date sequence before it.


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