How to Select a Domain Name – Infographics

It’s a well-known fact that domain names become one of the deciding factors of your brand name. You think of a name in your skull and checks instantly for domain name availability, sometimes it’s disappointing and sometimes you go with flying colors.

Here we will discuss on how you choose your domain name as it is going to define and represent your brand in the online world. If you are a blogger then it becomes more important to choose a domain name that can attract more traffic by just the impact of the name.

Because at the end of the day traffic on your website is what you care about most.

How to Select a Domain Name:

The two major parts of a domain are name and extension, the name can be selected by open thought ideas, keywords literally anything with the only constraint of availability but extensions are something you have to choose from the list (examples are .com, .net, .org, or country specific domains .in, .uk, .au etc).

So here we brought you the full infographic guide for selecting the perfect domain name with the extension for your blog or brand.

For an added information, adding custom domain name is free for blogger unlike WordPress, here is the complete guide on how to add a custom domain…

  • How to Add a Custom Domain to Blogger

This Info-graphic will only help you to go through a process of selecting a domain as ultimately it’s up to you what you want and selects. But a process and third mind suggestions are always better than random thoughts.

How to Choose or Select Domain name for the Blog - Dots Created

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