How to show hidden Files in Bluehost cPanel File Manager [Fixed]

Bluehost is one of the leading industry names when it comes to WordPress hosting. It is known for their secure, reliable and affordable plans.

Although the cPanel and Bluehost back-end interface is easy to use and navigate. But many like me struggle to edit the .htaccess and other hidden files in the Bluehost file manager console. The Bluehost has provided an option to make the hidden files visible that says Show Hidden Files. Which is good for nothing.

Show hidden files on bluehost

After a bit of research, we brought you a nice hack to save you from this headache. This works like a charm and will instantly give you access to all the hidden files including .htaccess. But you must be careful while editing these hidden files as they mostly are core system files. In fact, having a backup before editing the file is a good idea to go with.

Show Hidden Files in Bluehost Trick

This is as simple as sounds. A copy paste will show you all the hidden files through out your file manager session. So let’s do it step by step…

First, you need to open the Bluehost file manager from cPanel. don’t take the checkbox that says Show Hidden Files too seriously and just proceed.

Once the File Manager window is open, go to the url and just append the below query at the end of it. Mostly the URL ends with a query of post_login=’numbers’, you just need to append the below lines next to it. And don’t forget the “&” at the beginning, else it won’t work.


Reload the page and boom, you will be having access to all the hidden files. You can easily edit the .htaccess file present in the Bluehost server. They will now appear for your complete session of the file manager.

I hope we helped you edit .htaccess file and other hidden files on Bluehost. If you like, please consider following and sharing.

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