How to Create a “Sticky” Sidebar Widget in WordPress

The sticky floating objects in your website or blog are highly likely to get the user’s attention. Nowadays websites are using fixed widgets to get more click-through rates for their ads or social accounts. In this article, we will show you how to create a sticky sidebar widget in WordPress so you can take most out of your sidebar.

But before we start, if you don’t know how to install the plugins, then checkout our complete step by step guide for installation of WordPress plugin.

Implement Sticky Floating Widget on Sidebar

First of all, you need to install the Q2W3 Fixed Widget for WordPress plugin and activate it. Now go to Appearance ›› Widgets and click on the widget you want to stick. The plugin will automatically add the fixed widget option at the end of the widget box for all the available widgets.

Check the box and save changes. Now it the time to witness it live. Go to your website and scroll through, you will see a very nice sticky widget as we have on the Dots Created.

Make a widget sticky to wordpress sidebar - dotecreated

Further, the plugin provides the option to edit the behaviour of the sticky widget, like margins, stop ID etc. Go to Appearance ›› Fixed Widget Options and tweak the configuration as per the requirements.

Configuration options for sticky sidebar widget plugin - dots created
Configuration options for fixed widget plugin on WordPress

A very nice use of these configurations is stop ID. You can mention the ID of element, where you want remove the stickiness of the widget.

Hack: We installed this widget on dots created and notices that the sticky widget is overflowing the footer area and didn’t find any specific id to stop. So, we created an empty div just above the footer with an id and it worked.

Word of Advice

The fixed widget will be a nice addition to your blog for seeking more attention to specific things like sign-ups, social media accounts etc. Although, you can make more than one widgets sticky But be more cautious about not overdoing it.

This article may help you in implementation of sticky floating sidebar widget in your WordPress website but if you still need any help don’t shy to comment. Also, would love to know, if you made any significant change in the engagement of your users after fixed widget implementation.

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