Best 5 Free Online Apps to Create Images for Social Media

Using images for social media is the most powerful way to reach large audiences. High Quality and well-designed images are the need of the hour.

You must have heard the famous saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Images turn your message into more engaging content, which finally turns into traffic for your online website or blog.

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The best way to edit and design images for social media is through the tools like photoshop. Photoshop gives complete control over the designing, but it’s a paid application from Adobe and needs a fair amount of skills.

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In the current scenario, where the online world is changing with lightning speed, you don’t need to spend your money or time to learn a tool. Which you don’t even need.

Best Online Apps for Creating Images for Social Media

Here I’ll share the best 5 free online apps for creating stunning images for social media. Create free and high quality images for your social media pages. Let’s directly jump into it.

1. Canva

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Canva is one of the best free online photo editor apps to create images for social media. It’s a versatile image designing tool used for creating stunning visuals.

It is popular among non-designers as well as professional designers due to its easy drag-and-drop interface for designing visuals. And free access to a vast collection of pictures, vector images, background patterns, and fonts.

Images for social media can be created by just the selecting the appropriate background, text pattern, and colors. There are thousands of free pictures available on the canva for free commercial use, which can be used to design your visual.

Canva requires login to access the interface.

Canva Website   Tutorials for Canva

2. Pablo by Buffer

Pablo is an online image designing tool by the buffer. It let you create an image and overlay text kind of social media visuals.

It’s free and asks for no skills, although not many options are available for better designing. But, you will get what is required to design an image with a background picture and overlay quote (or text) for social media.

It comes with 6 templates named as Blank, Quote, Announcement, Promotion, Love and Outreach with different styling and format for each. Also, Pablo allows changing the size of the image based on the social media platform.

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Free Pablo setups include 600k+ high high-quality pictures. Alos, allows uploading a picture of your own. Pablo specifically has a logo section for the branding purposes.

It’s an app by the buffer, a social media management platform. So, it’s an obvious thing to get direct sharing option for the image.

Pablo doesn’t require any login.  It can be accessed directly on their website.

Pablo Website

3. Recite

recite quote image maker

Recite is the easiest quote or text visual designer. It doesn’t allow any edit on the image, text or background image.

It is a simple enter your quote, select your design and create an image kind of tool. The template designs are visually beautiful and engaging.

If you want to create a quote image for social media within seconds then the recite is for you. Best for the motivational quotes and text-based quality image for social media.

Recite doesn’t require any login.  It can be accessed directly on their website.

Recite Website

4. iPiccy

iPiccy is a free online photo editor, collage maker, and graphic designer. This editor got some easy to use tools to design your images. iPiccy is just a collection of tools instead of photos and vectors. So, you will not be getting any free background photos but you can always upload of your own.

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It really got some nice designing tools which may need some basic knowledge to use them. But still, you can explore the interface and see if it suits you.

iPiccy doesn’t require any login.  It can be accessed directly on their website.

iPiccy Website

5. Pixlr

Pixlr is the one-stop destination for all the photo editing based tools. It is launched by Autodesk for providing the photoshop level of control on photo editing online. It has the photoshop like interface.

pixlr - dots created

I included Pixlr at the number 5 due to its level of complexity and skill-based tools. However, it’s not that tough to start with.

If you still want a lighter version then Pixlr Express comes in handy. It’s simpler then you thought it would be.

Pixlr doesn’t require any login.  It can be accessed directly on their website.

Pixlr Website  |  Pixlr Express Website

These tools can be used to create social media graphics, banners, advertisements and much more. All the image editing and designing tools mentioned above are free and very easy to use.

Hope, I may have finished your search for the best online photo editor for social media. Do let me know which one you liked the most and will be working with. Also, comment if I missed any gem in the online photo editors.

Tada! 🙂

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