How to Create a New Blog on Blogger

Blogger is a free and optional blogging service. It was developed by Pyra Labs in 1999 and later acquired by Google in 2003. This blogger CMS (Content Management System) and blog architecture is coded on python.

Blogger hosting is provided by google on the sub-domain of, that is if your blog name is “dotscreated” then your blog url will be Google allows addition of custom domain on the top of this sub-domain by simply redirecting the domain to your blog hosting servers and it is completely free.

A user can have maximum of 100 blog accounts within a single google account, free of cost.

so let’s move to the topic, without much delay..

how to create a new blog on blogger?

Go to, it will redirect you to google’s login service panel, so if you have a google account then go ahead and sign in with your google account, if not then create new google account, there is a link at the bottom of page saying create new account. Point here is you must have a google account to login at blogger as it’s a google’s venture.

How to make Blog on Blogger - Dots Created


After logging in, blogger homepage will appear as shown in picture.

Blogger Homepage Image - Dots Created

There are two options available inside the homepage, one for creating new blog of your own with a button named “New Blog” and the other is Reading list with a button named “Add” to add all the blogs you wish to read or follow.

Here we go ahead with New Blog option. It will take you to a popup window asking for title and address.

Title: It is your blog’s title. Example: Dots Created.
Address: Address or url of your blog.  Example:

As you go typing address, it automatically come appended with just select the suggestion. And will check for address’s availability.

Select Blog URL on Blogger - Dots Created

How to Check Availability of Blogger URL - Dots Created


Yellow Exclamation mark for unavailable address, Screen Shot from Blogger.

Availability of Blog URL on Blogger - Dots Created

Tick mark for available address, screen shot from Blogger. Now click on “Create blog” button and after 2 to 3 second of wait your blog will be created and redirected to the dashboard of the blog.

Blogger Blog Dashboard Image - Dots Created


Now to start writing a post for blog go to top left corner and click the button with pencil.

How to Write New post in Blogger - Dots Created

An editor will be opened, just provide title of the post and start writing.Keep it in draft till it’s not complete, it’ll be automatically saves the content and once your are done just click the “Publish”  button make it available to the world on your blog url.

Post Editor on Blogger Image - Dots Created


Basic Blog setup process is done. Check more post for other configuration and to start awesome.

Thank you 🙂

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