All You Need to Know About Pages in Blogger

Till now it’s very much known to you that blogger is a completely free blogging platform from the Google and offers a wide variety of customization and features for efficient blogging. One of the greatest features out of all is Pages, which let you create you own page based on your desired structure and customization without following the general post structure.

So Here we take you through a complete guide to create static pages, change their URL address from default, publish them, other customization and efficient use of it for a better blog.

Pages are generally used to represent collective information general to whole blog or website instead being specific to a topic unlike blog posts. The most common examples of collective information that is general to whole blog or website are…

  • About Us Page
  • Contact Us Page
  • Terms and Conditions Page
  • Privacy Policy Page
  • Open Advertisement Information Page
  • Guest Post Information Page

So now without further delay let’s move to the technical part of page creation, customization and other important information required to create a efficient page.


All Elements of Page Editor in BlogSpot: 


Page Editor consists of two modes on is Compose Mode that goes simple text writing and styling using the special toolbar given at the top as shown in the image below.This toolbar is of immense use to structure the content of the editor. It includes font family selection, Text size section, headings, font and font-background colors, image insertion, links, bullets, block quotes, option to write in other languages etc


All the Page editor tools and how to use them - Font Changing - Links - Images in Blogger

Another important mode in the editor is HTML Mode that enables the blogger to put extra Structure, styling, customization and functionality using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Use it only when you are comfortable withe use of these three HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


Besides these modes their is sidebar for the Page Settings that includes below..


  • Search Description: It’s a short summary or gist of the post in few lines to let the robots and crawlers know about the post.
  • Options: These are used to set Compose Mode and HTML Mode as per the user’s comfort. If you don’t know much about HTML let them be in default set.
  • Custom Robot Tags: These tags are used to control Search Indexing at the post level.If these Custom Robot Tags are not appearing in the Post Settings, first activate the custom headers. If you have not yet activated then  Go to Settings > Search Preferences > click Edit next to “Custom robots header tags,” and select Yes.

All the elements of a Page in Blogger - Post Editor - Page Settins - Page SEO - Page HTML


The Journey Ahead about Pages.

Part-1 : All you need to know about Pages in Blogger

Part-2 : How to Create Static Pages in Blogger

Part-3 : How to Setup a Custom URL for Pages

Part-4 : How to Remove Sidebar & Default Headings in Blogger

Let us know of experiences and feedback in the comment section below.

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