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Well, you know there are lots of symbols available carrying specific meaning with them. But each time you require them, you have to refer either specific toolbox or internet.

For example when you need the copyright symbol (©) either you remember the html code or use the tool box, but also you can directly create the symbol using the keyboard.

Here Dots Created brings you some of the popular key combinations that can generate Specials characters and symbols on the go using keyboard in Windows based systems.


Alt + 0153 Trademark Symbol
Alt + 0174 ®Registered Trademark Symbol
Alt + 0169 ©Copyright Symbol
Alt + 1 ☺Smiley face
Alt + 2 ☻Black Smiley Face
Alt + 3 ♥Heart
Alt + 4 ♦Diamond
Alt + 5 ♣Club
Alt + 6 ♠Spade
Alt + 11 ♂Male Symbol
Alt + 12 ♀Female Symbol
Alt + 13 ♪Eighth Note
Alt + 14 ♫Beamed Eighth Note
Alt + 15 ☼Sun
Alt + 16 ►Forward Symbol
Alt + 17 ◄Backward Symbol
Alt + 18 ↕Up/Down Arrow
Alt + 19 ‼Double Exclamation Mark
Alt + 20 ¶Paragraph Mark
Alt + 24 ↑Up Arrow
Alt + 25 ↓Down Arrow
Alt + 26 →Right Arrow
Alt + 27 ←Left Arrow
Alt + 28 ∟Ninety Degree Angle 
Alt + 29 ↔Left/Right Arrow
Alt + 0176 °Degree Symbol
Alt + 0177 ±Plus-Minus Symbol
Alt + 0215 ×Multiplication Symbol
Alt + 0161 ¡Inverted Exclamation Mark
Alt + 0191 ¿Inverted Question Mark
Alt + 251 √Square Root Symbol
Alt + 236 ∞Infinity
Alt + 741 σSigma Symbol
Alt + 234 ΩOmega Symbol


Note: Press and Hold the “Alt” key and then press the number to generate the symbol.

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