How to Install a New Custom Theme or Template in Blogger

As we already have discussed about what is blogger and how to start a new blog on blogger under this post…

So Now in this post we will install a template/theme on a blog that we have already created. The template or theme file for blogger is of .xml (XML file) extension.

Steps to Install Theme in Blogger


Go to any free or premium template or theme provider for blogger, their are hundreds of vendor sites are available.
Download the template package from the respective website and unzip it.
Here for demonstration purposes I’m downloading a freely distributed template, “Fabric” with a attribution required licence from BTemplates.


Now search for the file with extension .xml (XML file) inside the extracted package. It may have placed inside directly under the base folder or some nested folder named “template”, just check it out and file the file.

How to Add custom Theme or Template in Blogger - Dots Created


Login to your blogger account and go to dashboard of the blogger and follow the numbered steps given in image to open the template settings tab inside blogger.

Blogs on Blogger - Dots Created


Install Theme in Blogger - Dots Created



Once you click on “Backup/Restore” button on template tab page of blogger dashboard a pop up will appear with the option of taking backup of the current template and uploading new template.

Backup of Blog on Blogger - Dots Created

so, first take the backup of your current template to be on secure side, if something gone wrong while installing new template, on clicking the “Download Full template” tab, a .xml file be downloaded.

Now to install our new custom template, click on the “Browse” button and select the .xml file we have figured out in step-2, check for file name, that you have select the right one or not and click the “upload” button.

XML File Themes in Blogger - Dots Created

Install Template in Blogger -Dots Created


Note: Check for correct file name and then upload

and you are done…

You just installed new template to your blog.

Let me know of doubts and feedback in comments


Thank you 🙂

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