How to Create Static Pages in Blogger

One of the most important feature of blogger, generally overlooked by novice bloggers is Pages, also known as tabs. Pages are generally used to represent information common to whole blog unlike posts.

Whenever a new page is published, it doesn’t get lineup into the blog feed as usually published posts do.

Theses pages or tabs in blogger are called static because of their lack of dynamic functionality using server side scripts (like PHP, Java etc).

So even if you are just starting out with the blogging, you should add some pages to your blog to ensure more credibility and professionalism like Contact Us page.

So that the readers of your blog contact you by directly sending their query or message to your mailbox. Or to put out the Policies of your blog on display.

Here we will show you, a step by step process to create static pages in blogger. Identify the need of pages according to your blog and get them online using below easy to use steps.

How to Create a Static Page in BlogSpot: 

Step 1: Sign in to the Blogger

Step 2: Heads up to the Blog’s Dashboard by selecting your Blog from Drop Down (If running multiple blogs from single account).

Step 3: Navigate to Pages > All, and on the Right side panel the whole list of pages either published or draft will appear. At the top side of this panel their is a tab named New Page to create new pages as shown below. Click this tab to create a static page.

Blogger Dashboard - Dots Created

Step 4:

Full Blogger Editor will open on clicking New Page. Give the Appropriate Title for your Page according to your requirement. Example: let’s discuss ‘about us’ page. Title goes like “About Us” etc. and create content as per you need either from direct text mode or from HTML mode and save it.

Saving the Page will put it in Draft stage to edit later and publish will make it available to the public that also can be edited later.

Blogger New Static Page Editor - Dots Created

Step 5:

Click on the View option of the page that appears on hovering over it in right panel of all pages. Check the URL of the page and copy it to make it available on your blog’s navigation. Now Go to LAYOUTS and create a new menu item and direct it to this copied URL.

Edit Static Pages in Blogger - Dots Created


Let us know of experiences and feedback in the comment section below. Also If you are facing any kind of difficulty applying these steps or in doubt, please comment below.

we will be happy to help you.


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